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Light weight shoring Type 100 Mounting depth up to 3,00 m Place and adjust method
Light box shoring Type 300 Mounting depth up to 3,80 m Lower and cut method
Standard box shoring Type 600 Mounting depth up to 5,20 m Lower and cut method
Manhole box shoring Mounting depth up to 5,20 m Lower and cut method
XL-Box Type 690 Mounting depth up to 5,80 m Lower and cut method
Single Slide rail shoring Mounting depth up to 3,80 m Lower and cut method
Double Slide rail shoring Standard Mounting depth up to 6,20 m Lower and cut method
Double Slide rail shoring XL  Mounting depth up to 7,60 m  Lower and cut method
Pile chamber Type 400 Mounting depth up to 6,00 m Lower and cut method
Shaft and manhole shoring Mounting depth up to 7,60 m Lower and cut method
Aluminium Light weight shoring Mounting depth up to 3,00 m Lower and cut method


Aluminium-Light weight shoring GIGANT
System-based, efficient solutions.ALU 1
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The Aluminium Light weight shoring system GIGANT is the ideal shoring system for trenches as deep as 3 m and is preferred for urban applications. This aluminium modular system closes the gap between the frequently heavy and cumbersome steel systems and manual trench timbering. All customary trench widths and depths and degrees of difficulty (crossing services, friable soils, cramped conditions) are easy to handle.

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ALU 2 The Aluminium trench sheet
    complements the Aluminium Light
    Weight Shoring System GIGANT

  easy to handle
  variable pipe clearance height
  quick and safe - proven and tested method


pdf iconOperating Manual  

pdf iconISCHEBECK - Aluminium Light Weight Shoring - for technical parameters ischebeck logo
(dimensions, weight, etc.) please refer to the data sheet. (PDF-Download)

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We manufacture trench shoring systems in our factory in Heinsberg, Germany. Our product range includes light to heavy trench shoring box-systems, pile chambers, single and double slide rail shoring systems as well as special system solutions for securing excavations
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Here you will find an overview of our used machines, devices and trench shoring systems. Prior to sale all machines will be checked and tested on our promises according to the manufacturer's instructions. §11 AM-VO
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